The aspect and exactness of code reports in mail lists is one of the areas lowest appreciated and mostly unnoted by supreme businesses mistreatment door-to-door message. To get an media hype announcement delivered the computer address essential be correct! Many firms that use nonstop communication disregard this necessary aspect. Is there a "printing" attitude of creating "one" and reproducing it "thousands" of times? The "one to one" characteristic of valuing all individual's numbers must be practical to every bachelor text in a inventory.

Quality information entrance and succeeding sign guidelines consistently generates close street, city, state and communication opinion hearsay. Consistent information foyer as well improves the capability to lighter paperwork and remove duplicates. Every same mailed results in a penniless cast mental representation and costs doppelganger in printing, post process and charge to conquer the aforementioned organism double. Direct marketers need to be concerned just about how tons duplicates are in the list, learn how much it is costing and ask what can be done give or take a few it!

What may face like-minded a spot on address may not be right once compared in opposition the Canada Post master detail of all addresses in Canada. To get the reduced charge rate for mailings of 5,000 or more, a catalogue will go done a data processor route to confirm or "validate" that the addresses are transferral. It must attest a 95% rate of accuracy to measure up for the wonted postage. A punishment of 5 cents respectively will be intercalary to the equal postage outgo for those documents down 95%. What does this mean? On a post of 20,000 records, attaining an meticulousness evaluation of 75% is 20% beneath the essential percent. 20% of 20,000 files is 4,000 uncollectible store x 5 cents = $200 second in postage to send out correspondence that may not get delivered.

If it reimbursement going on for $1.00 per record for printing, post process and postage for 4,000 addresses that may end up in the recycle bin anyway, you have now played out $4,200 much on your post next to no gross sales results. It is outlay decisive to facial expression at those documentation deemed "invalid" and exact or remove them beforehand your side by side mailout.

Records are deemed "invalid" once the street, city, territorial division and communicating written communication rumour do not reflect a "deliverable" goal and can be caused by any of the factors timetabled beneath.

Common Errors Affecting Address Accuracy

  • Obsolete communication codes
  • Invalid or absent communication codes
  • No street direction enclosed in address
  • Numbered street nickname entered incorrectly
  • Station qualifiers deficient for mail department boxes and countryfied routes
  • Non computer address intelligence in computer address fields
  • Unusual characters and supernumerary punctuation

Obsolete communicating codes
Many folksy conveyance work have been restructured by Canada Post and now view the administrative division code and/or a new communication standard. Re-development and maturity of aged urban areas, amalgamation of towns and cancer of urban areas can make restructuring sequent in new communicating codes woman assigned. Therefore, addresses that were quondam straight may now be out of day of the month and undeliverable.

Invalid or missing communication codes
Data corridor of communicating codes could be incorrect or not enclosed at all! The communication secret message can be delicate to signal. Here is how a communication written language should be input: V6P 2K7. There should be no dash linking the firstborn 3 and the ending 3 characters, just put one heavens not two or no and use capitals for the correspondence.

No street route incorporated in address
You must insist on the sound route of an code. Examples:


There may be a 34 AVE NW so if it is signal as 34 AVE or 34 AVE N, the communicating written communication will not lighter. There could be an 800 GEORGIA ST E so without the untouched address and the within your rights route the journal may be deemed "invalid".

Numbered walk term entered incorrectly
Treat numbered streets resembling any other walk label and move into them look-alike this: 468 23 ST
Do no put "23rd St". That is old intentional and confuses machine programs. Same goes for 25th, 22nd and 1st. Numbered streets near a epistle attached to it like "23A ST" should have the "A" accurate subsequent to the figure.

Spelling errors
Street names, municipal name calling and provinces essential be spelled correctly. Streets close to "Georgia" oft happen as "Georgai", cities similar "Mississauga" or "Tsawwassen" can confidently be misspelled. And provinces should be two junk mail only, near no interruption. This has created bafflement as in earlier times there were state abbreviations like Alta for Alberta which is now AB. Nfld for Newfoundland which is now NL (and this has not long been denaturised from NF)!

Station qualifiers absent for send off business establishment boxes and country-style routes
A communication facility is known by a "station qualifier". Example: PO Box 436 STN C. The station qualifier "STN C" essential be inst along beside the PO Box 436. There could be 20 communication stations in a built-up with a PO Box 436, but STN C tells the assignment business office in which sales outlet the PO Box is situated. Be convinced and involve that part!

There are as well retail communicating outlets in business office buildings, 7-11 Stores, etc. The qualifier is by tradition an "RPO" name. Example: PO Box 457 RPO Bentall

Rural addresses essential contain the "station". RR 4 STN MAIN

Non address reports in computer code fields
Non distribution data such as as the cross of a grounds like "The Pender Building" is not reasoned to be "delivery information" and will confound the Address Validation and Correction program. If you want to take in the site name, put it in the area preceding the effective road content. Computer processes read addresses from the pedestal up protrusive with the communication code, province, city, street2, street1 information in that bidding.

Unusual characters and punctuation
The appointment department uses giant urgency scanners to formula machineable e-mail. A cipher flag # should not show up in the computer code.

Rural addresses similar "R.R. #5 STN MAIN" should be signaling as "RR 5 STN MAIN".

COMP 52 SITE 13 RR 5 is more than easy scanned and competitory than
COMP. 52, SITE 13, RR #5. This data format also saves keystrokes on accumulation entry!

Commas and gratuitous state of affairs of the extent (.) should be avoided as scanners are sounding for post and numbers with the sole purpose.

Preferred sign flamboyance for apartments: 345 MAIN ST APT 301
Acceptable style: 301 - 345 MAIN ST

When an address relates to a "4th floor" to some extent than a piece of music sign it as: 400 - 341 MAIN ST
or other set down the "4th floor" in the street1 pasture and "345 MAIN ST" in the street2 area.


1. Create competence collection entrance guidelines and aver standardization of assemblage corridor.

2. Keep your document newsworthy and have it run through the Address Correction and Validation programme at least possible erstwhile a time period no business what massiveness your register is. This ritual will "correct" or "reformat" furthermost addresses and generate a document screening your percentage of Address Accuracy. The updated list will include a new parcel of land coded in such a way to performance which history were "corrected" and are "invalid". You may afterwards bear commotion to update your info.

3. Eliminate duplicates beside your updated, recharged and reformatted addresses to store yourself lots of hoard on your adjacent post.

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